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Remember the Maine

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Remember the Maine


Remember the Maine

Remember the Maine

Remember the Maine, is a variation on the sazerac cocktail. The name comes from the first Naval vessel named after our fine state in 1895.  The ship sunk in 1898 in Havana harbor, during the Cuban revolt against Spain, killing most of her crew. It was speculated that she was sunk by Spain, although it was never proved.

The cocktail itself is quite simple and delicious! originally sweet vermouth, and cherry brandy played a minor roll. I have used campari instead of sweet vermouth, and cherry kijafa a fortified cherry flavored wine from Finland instead of cherry herring or brandy. If for some reason you don’t like absinthe, or don’t have any around, you could use pernod or something similar. Give it a try!

Remember the Maine

throw some ice in a tumbler with a few drops of absinthe and shake it around with a touch of water

in a shaker filled with ice add:

2 oz. New England distilling Gunpowder Rye

1/4oz. cherry Kijafa

1/4 oz. Campari

stir until well chilled, empty the tumbler and add 4-6 dashes Coastal Root aromatic bitters. Pour the cocktail into the tumbler, and float a bit of lemon (or orange) peel on top after dragging it around the rim.  It’s a classic, hope you enjoy it, and “to hell with Spain!”



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