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Apple molasses

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Apple molasses

Apple molasses is basically an apple cider reduction. Making it is extremely simple, but like making caramel it goes from almost done to burned in the blink of an eye at the end. Just take a quantity of apple cider and reduce it over a medium heat until its a nice rich red color. It will bubble quite a bit at the end, so swirling the pan a but is a good idea. Of course, this stuff can get spiced up or embellished  in any way you like (oak chips, mulling spices etc.) but the flavor of the stuff alone is great!

I wanted to share this with you all, because it is absolutely perfect for adding to cocktails. It has a wonderful balance in its intensity, very acidic and sweet at the same time.  To start with I just dropped a spoonful into some bourbon, it really offset the vanilla character in the bourbon nicely. It might seem heavy handed, but I then decided to play around with adding it to calvados based drinks. It doesn’t overpower the calvados, but rather lends a little bit of fresh apple to the equation. So give it a try, or buy some, it is also called boiled cider, it will keep in your fridge for a long time.

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